"Love Thy Neighbour"? The Effect of Income and Language Differences on Votes for Municipal Secessions

Tekijät: Simon Lapointe

Julkaisu: VATT Working Papers 107

Päiväys: 16.4.2018


This paper studies voters' preferences on municipal borders in a setting with cohabiting linguistic communities. It takes advantage of unique data from referendum results in the Canadian province of Quebec in 2004, which allows a direct investigation of voter preferences. I find that differences in income and language affect the likelihood of secession. Notably, I also find that these effects are interdependent, suggesting that the support for a local secession is affected to some degree by out-group aversion. Finally, I find that voters are willing to pay additional taxes to live in their jurisdiction of choice.
Keywords: Secession, Diversity, Voter Behaviour, Municipal Mergers

Tutkimuksen pääteemat: Julkiset palvelut ja paikallinen julkistalous

ISBN: 978-952-274-218-6 (PDF)

JEL: D72 H73 H77