Tuomas Matikka

Tuomas Matikka

Senior Researcher, PhD

Research areas: behavioural responses social security labour supply taxation


Tel. +358 295 519 461

Tuomas Matikka is a Senior Researcher at the VATT Institute for Economic Research. Matikka’s research is focused on empirical public economics and labor economics, with a particular focus on behavioral responses to income taxes and social benefits.

Tuomas Matikka has worked at VATT since 2012. He received the Ph.D. in economics from the University of Tampere in 2015.

Selected articles

Matikka, T. (2016) The elasticity of taxable income: evidence from changes in municipal income tax rates in Finland. Scandinavian Journal of Economics (forthcoming)

Harju, J. and Matikka, T. (2016) The elasticity of taxable income and income-shifting: What is "real" and what is not? International Tax and Public Finance, 23(4): 640-669.

Harju, J. and Matikka, T. (2016) Business Owners and Income-shifting: Evidence from Finland. Small Business Economics, 46(1): 115-136.