Aspasia Bizopoulou

Aspasia Bizopoulou

Senior Researcher, PhD (Econ.), on leave until 18.4.2023

Research areas: economics of education education and training education choices gender differences employment labour markets labour economics

Ongoing projects: Task Profiles and Gender Wages Gaps Job Tasks and Mismatch within occupations The Task content of occupational Transitions over the business cycle

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Tel. +358 295 519 445

Labour markets and education

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Aspasia Bizopoulou did her PhD in Economics at the University of Edinburgh, her MSc in Economics at Utrecht University in the Netherlands and her undergraduate in Philosophy and Economics at the University of Warwick. Previously, Aspasia worked at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in the Directorate for Education and Skills. Most of Aspasia’s work so far has been on mismatch between jobs and workers in the labour market. Recent research projects include an analysis of the role of work tasks in the male-female earnings gap, and in the measurement and consequences of mismatch in the workplace. Aspasia is currently working on the effect of recessions on the content and skill level of new hires, as well as doing work on the determinants of university choice. At VATT, Aspasia hopes to continue working on the match between job tasks and individual skills, but using better identification methods thanks to register data.