Open science and research at VATT

As part of the international science and researcher community, VATT’s operating model is based on openness and transparency in science. VATT adheres to national and international principles in open science and research. The principles of openness in science, equal treatment of data users and good scientific practice also form part of researchers’ induction training.

VATT’s open research principles

  • we promote an open research operating culture and we encourage our researchers to adopt the policies and procedures of open science
  • we recommend that the findings of the research done at VATT are published via channels with high standards of scientific impact
  • we have introduced an open publishing platform, the Doria publishing archive, and we require parallel storage of all our own research publication series in Doria. Other publications by VATT researchers are also stored in Doria subject to the publisher’s publishing conditions.
  • we encourage disclosure of research methods
  • as an organisation we are committed to the principles of good scientific practice and we require our researchers to adhere to these
  • we strive to increase the visibility of research findings and we support researchers in communicating research findings equally to different target groups – both the general public, policy makers and the scientific community.