Marita Laukkanen

Marita Laukkanen

Chief Researcher, Research Leader, PhD

Research areas: energy policy energy taxation climate policy international environmental agreements environmental aid environmental taxes

Ongoing projects: BCDC Energy

Tel. +358 295 519 429

Marita Laukkanen is chief researcher and research leader at the VATT Institute for Economic Research and adjunct professor of economics at the University of Helsinki. Marita’s research field includes environmental and energy matters. In particular she has studied cost-effective instruments, evaluation of environmental policy and international environmental co-operation.

Marita’s ongoing research deals with the changes to the energy system required by the move to a low-carbon society, the effects of energy taxation and the functioning of international environmental agreements. Alongside her research work, Marita aims to promote dialogue between science and politics in energy and environmental matters. She is a member of the Finnish Climate Change Panel and deputy chairman of Future Earth Finland National Committee.

Marita has been at VATT since 2010. She holds a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley and has international work experience from the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei research centre in Italy, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Toulouse School of Economics.

Selected articles

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