Data protection

VATT Institute for Economic Research privacy statement

Data protection officer

The data protection officer of the VATT Institute for Economic Research can be contacted at
[email protected]


VATT Institute for Economic Research, POB 1279, 00101 Helsinki
Registry: [email protected]

Data protection in research activity

The VATT Institute for Economic Research is a research institution that conducts research and analysis to serve economic policy making. Under Section 4 of the Act on the VATT Institute for Economic Research, VATT is entitled to receive from authorities the information necessary for carrying out its tasks. VATT receives research material from different official sources, such as the Finnish Tax Administration, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland and Statistics Finland, and from various public sources. The material mainly contains information relating to social security, income distribution, taxation and business activities. Data processing is based on a research plan and there is a person responsible for the research.

The research work complies with the guidelines on research ethics of the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity. Data are protected appropriately. Material is not disclosed. VATT retains research material within the retention periods specified in research permits and legislation

Information on website – processing of personal data

VATT is committed to protecting the privacy and personal data of visitors to its website in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We do not collect data from which individual users could be identified.

Cookies (

VATT’s website is part of the government’s shared publishing platform service (YJA). The YJA’s cookies do not collect data on users; they are used in order to offer users a smoother user experience.

We use web analytics on the website. General statistical data are collected on use of the website which are used to improve our online services. The web analytics service we use is Snoobi. Via Snoobi we monitor the following data:

  • number of visits
  • most frequently downloaded content
  • distribution of visitor traffic between Finland and other countries
  • means of access
  • times of visits and time spent on site
  • IP address
  • web browser and operating system.

It is possible to send us feedback via VATT’s network service. We only store contact details that users specifically provide themselves until we have responded to the user’s feedback. When the feedback has been responded to, the contact details are deleted.

You are entitled to find out what data we store on you. You can also check the data that we collect on you and if necessary update it.

To find out what personal data has been stored in the services, send an information request to VATT's registry.

Registry email address:

Social extensions

VATT's website contains links and connections to third-party website and so-called social extensions (e.g. Twitter). Plugins on the site maintained by third parties upload from those services' own servers. The site does not transmit data on its users via social extensions.

Services offered by third parties or applications provided by third parties on the site are governed by the terms and conditions of use etc. of the third party. Social media services therefore determine themselves what data they provide to their users and over what time period.

Data protection of newsletter subscribers

  1. Controller
    VATT Institute for Economic Research
    Business ID: 0809880-7
    Postal address: Economicum, Arkadiankatu 7
    POB 1279, 00101 Helsinki
  2. Person responsible for register
    Communications Officer
    Tel. 0295 519 500, [email protected]
  3. Name of register
    VATT stakeholder register
  4. Purpose of VATT register
    The purpose of the stakeholder register is to communicate with VATT's stakeholders. We use the register to send electronic newsletters and invitations.

    Subscribers receive information on our new research or our upcoming events sent to the email address they provide. The register is based on subscriptions made via the site. We use the register to develop VATT's communications and stakeholder relations. We use the register to target our communications by subject at various stakeholder groups, and to analyse the reach of announcements, news items and events. This information helps us to develop VATT's website and our communications in social media channels.
  5. Data content of register and prescribed data sources
    We collect and process the following data:
    - Work email address / email address
    - Classification data given by the persons themselves on research themes they are interested in
  6. Operating systems using the register
    Postiviidakko system of Koodiviidakko Oy
  7. Prescribed data sources, disclosures
    Data are added to the register based on subscriptions placed. We do not disclose personal data.
  8. Transfer of data outside the EU or the European Economic Area
    Our data are not transferred outside the EU or the European Economic Area.
  9. Retention period of personal data
    We do not retain data longer than necessary for their intended purpose. Persons can leave VATT's stakeholder register at any time by following the link at the bottom of the newsletter, or at We regularly update personal data by removing inoperative email addresses from the register.
  10. Register protection principles
    We retain personal data in electronic form on the server of our service provider. This is protected by agreements between us (VATT) and the service provider that comply with general practices. We have restricted access to personal data using logins, passwords and access rights. Data is not disclosed to outside parties.
  11. Right of inspection
    Everybody is entitled to inspect the data stored on them in our stakeholder register in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Inspection requests should be sent to VATT's communications department at: [email protected] or: VATT Communications, POB 1279, 00101 Helsinki
  12. Right to require data to be corrected or removed
    Registered persons are entitled to request that we rectify erroneous, unnecessary, outdated or inaccurate personal data on them. Send your request for rectification under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), specifying the error in the personal register, to VATT's communications department at: [email protected] or: VATT Communications, POB 1279, 00101 Helsinki
  13. Other rights related to processing of personal data
    Registered persons are entitled to restrict the processing of data concerning them or to have them erased. Persons can leave VATT's stakeholder register at any time by following the link at the bottom of the newsletter, or at
  14. Updating of privacy statement
    Updates may be made to this privacy statement, for example if our procedures or systems change, or if data protection recommendations change.

Events organised by VATT

We invite persons to events organised by VATT among others from the civil service, financiers, other stakeholders and partners and the media.

For our principal annual stakeholder event (VATT Day) we assemble a list of invited guests from public sources. The list of invited guests is assembled based on the theme of the event concerned, and the list is used for this event only.