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Administration, research and communications services

Image of Mikko Hyytiälä

Mikko Hyytiälä

Administrative Assistant, on leave until 9.9.2025

Image of Anna-Maija Juuso

Anna-Maija Juuso

Communications Specialist

Image of Tero Järvelä

Tero Järvelä

Office Caretaker

Image of Riikka Könönen

Riikka Könönen

HRD Adviser

Image of Anne Moilanen

Anne Moilanen

Director of Communications

Image of Anita Niskanen

Anita Niskanen

Web Designer

Image of Marjo Nygren

Marjo Nygren

Finance Manager

Image of Ville Pernaa

Ville Pernaa

Director of Communications, on leave until 31.12.2024

Image of Ida Pöyhönen

Ida Pöyhönen

Administrative Assistant

Image of Sanna Tiensuu

Sanna Tiensuu

Information Management Coordinator

Image of Sari Virtanen

Sari Virtanen

Development Coordinator

Image of Outi Örn

Outi Örn

Director of Finance and Administration