Our research is published in:

  • international peer-reviewed scientific publications;
  • VATT’s own or other research organisations’ publication series; 
  • VATT Policy Briefs, which are aimed at the general public and provide an economic perspective on varying topical subjects (only in Finnish);
  • other reports or publications, such as ministerial reports or articles in Finnish journals.

Our researchers’ scientific articles are published regularly in international scientific publications. Articles published in our own VATT Working Papers series are aimed at these publications.

Of VATT’s other series, VATT Publications include PhD theses and compilations with their own editor or editorial committee. The VATT Research Reports series comprises final scientific research reports. The VATT Mimeos series comprise interim reports, policy work and assorted minor reports. As these series contain work that is mostly in Finnish, you can find them in our Finnish site.

All our publications are in Doria

On our website you can find all our publications since 2013. For our older publications (1990- ), please visit the Doria repository, operated by the National Library of Finland: