Elina Berghäll

Elina Berghäll

Senior Researcher, PhD (on leave until 06/2019)

Research areas: industrial policy innovation policy productivity and efficiency analysis environmental policy


Elina Berghäll is a senior researcher in the Business regulation and international economics research area. She has broad and diverse research experience of economic activity both in Finland and other countries. Her research themes have included innovation and R&D policy, the ICT sector, environmental policy, investments, tax competition and regional social transfers. In particular she has studied evaluation methods within productivity, efficiency and technology, factors in economic growth, and evaluation and policy guidance within sustainable development. Elina’s areas of expertise also include infrastructure-related and urban economic matters and international capital movements, such as direct investments and government debt questions. Elina’s ongoing research is on issues related to firms’ activity and operating environment.

Elina has been at VATT since 2000, and she also has work experience from the OECD, UNU/WIDER, the UN Habitat programme, the International Monetary Fund and the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities. She gained her PhD in economics from Aalto University School of Business.

Elina Berghäll is currently on leave of absence (until 06/2019).

Selected articles

Berghäll, E. (2017) Knowledge spillovers, the technology frontier and high-tech FDI – Evidence from Finland. Finnish Economic Papers (forthcoming)

Berghäll, E. (2016) Innovation, competition and technical efficiency. Cogent Business & Management, 3(1), 1199522.

Nissinen, A., Heiskanen, E., Perrels, A., Berghäll, E., Liesimaa, V. and Mattinen, M.K. (2015) Combinations of policy instruments to decrease the climate impacts of housing, passenger transport and food in Finland. Journal of Cleaner Production, 107: 455-466. 

Berghäll, E. (2014) Has Finland advanced from an investment to an innovation-driven stage? The Finnish Journal of Business Economics (LTA now Nordic Journal of Business), 1: 11-32.

Berghäll, E. (2012) R&D vs. other factor inputs in a high-tech industry. Industry and Innovation, 19(2): 127-154.

van Beers, C., Berghäll, E., Poot, T. (2008) R&D internationalization, R&D collaboration and public knowledge institutions in small economies: Evidence from Finland and the Netherlands. Research Policy, 37(2): 294-308.