Hanna Pesola

Hanna Pesola

Chief Researcher, PhD (Econ.)

Research areas: immigration social security labour markets unemployment income distribution and inequality

Ongoing projects: Preventing Social Exclusion

[email protected]

Tel. +358 295 519 438

Labour markets and education

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Hanna Pesola’s research focuses on labour markets and immigration-related issues. Her ongoing research studies the effects of unemployment benefits and educational choices of immigrants’s children. Hanna also works in the researcher services section of Statistics Finland on developing research data. She gained her PhD in economics from Aalto University in 2011.

Selected articles

Huttunen, K., Pesola, H. (2022). COVID-19 and labour market outcomes by gender in Finland. Nordic Economic Policy Review 2022: COVID-19 Effects on the Economy in the Nordics.

Kyyrä, T. and Pesola, H. (2020), The Effects of UI Benefits on Unemployment and Subsequent Outcomes: Evidence from a Kinked Benefit Rule. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics.

Kyyrä, T. and Pesola, H. (2020) The effects of unemployment benefit duration: Evidence from residual benefit duration, Labour Economics, Volume 65, 2020, 101859

Kyyrä, T., Pesola, H. The labor market in Finland, 2000–2018. IZA World of Labor 2020: 421

Kyyrä, T. and Pesola, H. (2020), Long-term effects of extended unemployment benefits for older workers, Labour Economics, Volume 62, 2020, 101777

Kyyrä, T., Pesola, H. and Verho, J. (2019), The spike at benefit exhaustion: The role of measurement error in benefit eligibility, Labour Economics, 60: 75-83

Pesola, H. (2011), Labour Mobility and Returns to Experience in Foreign Firms, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 113(3): 637-664