Supporting and monitoring openness

The visibility of VATT research is monitored on the Viidakkomonitor media monitoring service and on Twitter. Visitor statistics on the website are also monitored using the Snoobi system. Communications and interaction plans are also drawn up for research projects for the entire lifecycle of the project.

In order to increase the usability of research data, particular attention was paid to the classification of publications, metadata and search functions in connection when the website was overhauled in 2016. Detailed usage and user data on research material are monitored and statistics collated. There are separate guidelines for VATT’s data security and data protection practices and for procurement and disposal processes for datasets.

Skills are also developed via online training and by inviting open access experts to lecture at VATT. The principles of good scientific practice as well as openness and equal treatment are addressed at joint events for all staff. VATT trains college interns in the research world by familiarising them with questions of research ethics and respect for openness in science. VATT’s intranet also assists researchers in open science and research principles and guidelines. The aim is to increase the quality, reliability and visibility of VATT’s research and to promote the social impact of research.