Piia Remes

Piia Remes

Senior Researcher, PhD (on leave until 02/2019)

Research areas: econometrics energy policy carbon pricing climate policy emission trading risk perceptions electricity markets


Senior researcher Piia Remes (née Aatola) has focused on the questions of climate and energy policy, as well as emissions trading. Published in 2013, Piia's doctoral dissertation dealt with the EU's emissions trading scheme and the efficiency of emissions trading markets.

Piia has worked for VATT since 2012. She is currently on parental leave.

Selected articles

Huhtala, A. and Remes, P. (2017) Quantifying the social costs of nuclear energy: Perceived risk of accident at nuclear power plants. Energy Policy, 105: 320-331.

Aatola, P., Ollikka, K. and Ollikainen, M. (2014) Informational Efficiency of the EU ETS market – a study of price predictability and profitable trading. Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy, 3: 92-123.

Aatola, P., Ollikainen, M. and Toppinen, A. (2013) Impact of Carbon Price on the Integrating European Electricity Market. Energy Policy, 61: 1236–1251.

Aatola, P., Toppinen, A. and Ollikainen, M. (2013) Price determination in the EU ETS market: Theory and Econometric Analysis with Market Fundamentals. Energy Economics, 36: 380-395.

Doctoral thesis published in VATT series