VATT Institute for Economic Research 30 years

VATT was founded on 1 October 1990, so in 2020 we celebrate our 30th anniversary. In 30 years, there have been various changes in both the economic policy and research priorities. However, our focus has always been on the Finnish welfare state, both the services it provides and their funding.

VATT:n ylijohtajat 1990-2020
VATT's Director Generals from 1990 to 2020: (from right) Aki Kangasharju, Seija Ilmakunnas, Reino Hjerppe, Juhana Vartiainen and Anni Huhtala

In honour of the anniversary year, we interviewed all Director Generals of VATT. Their interviews create a picture of the different phases of both the Finnish economic policy and economic research. In addition, we have compiled five thematic articles on VATT's key areas of research and the research results obtained in them.