Data Room

Data Room is an internationally unique pilot project for the promotion of data driven policy making. It is an independent part of the VATT Institute for Economic Research, and its purpose is to combine the latest individual level registry data to produce fast-paced accurate analysis to better support decision making and to evaluate the effects of political decisions. The unit has been granted three-year funding for 2023-2025 from the Ministry of Finance (Finland). 

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Data Room cooperation

VATT Data Room works in close cooperation with Statistics Finland and the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics. Statistics Finland is responsible for combining different sets of registry data and delivering them to the researchers and analysts working for the Data Room. Researchers working at the Helsinki GSE expand the economic research expertise of the Data Room. Their work is partly funded by the Ministry of Culture and Education (Finland). The Data Room is lead by Director Henna Laasonen

Data Room's activities

The Data Room’s activities are currently organized into three theme groups. Professor Otto Toivanen (Aalto university) leads the Business group, which has examined e.g., the effects of the Russia sanctions on Finnish companies’ exports, the effects of energy price hikes on Finnish companies and firm productivity. The Environment and Energy group captained by Associate Professor Lassi Ahlvik (University of Helsinki) has studied e.g., household energy subsidies. The Education, Labour Markets and Households group was established in Spring 2023.