Whistleblowing Channel

As a response to the EU's Whistleblower Directive, VATT introduced its own whistleblowing channel on 1 January 2023. The channel makes it possible to provide direct feedback on any misconduct in VATT’s activities that should be addressed.

VATT’s whistleblowing process includes receiving a report, communicating with the person who submitted it, and investigating matters further. To submit a report, visit VATT’s whistleblowing channel page.

Using the whistleblowing channel

The channel can also be used to submit anonymous reports. You will receive a confirmation of receipt within seven days after the arrival of your report.

To access VATT’s whistleblowing channel, visit this link.

Once you have submitted a report, the channel will provide you with a password to track the processing of your report and respond to any requests for additional information made by the independent team responsible for processing your report.

In addition, the person who submitted the report will be provided with a response detailing the measures that have been or will be taken on the basis of the report, including the justifications for choosing said follow-up measures. In accordance with the Directive, this reply will be issued within three months of the report’s confirmation of receipt.

To follow the processing of your report, use the password you received from the channel.

Remember to store your password somewhere safe, as it cannot be reset.

What matters can be reported?

According to EU Directive [(EU) 2019/1937 (23 October 2019), OJEU L 305/34, 26 November 2019], the protection of whistleblowers applies to reports concerning public procurement, financial services, the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, product safety, road safety, environmental protection, nuclear safety, food and feed safety, animal health and welfare, public health, consumer protection, the protection of privacy and personal data, and the security of network and information systems.

The scope of VATT’s whistleblowing channel has been expanded to that of a so-called ethical channel, and it can be used to report activities related to e.g. occupational health and safety, cases of harassment, as well as activities that infringe upon the principles of equality and non-discrimination.


National implementation of the Whistleblower Directive Link to the Finnish Parliament’s website (page available in Finnish)

Data Protection

Privacy Statement of the VATT Whistleblower Reporting Channel