Local public finance and provision of public services

Research in this area encompasses public services such as health care, social services and education, as well as state and local public finance, local politics and housing markets.

Our research projects typically address the effects of policies and reforms relating to the provision of public services. This research pays particular attention to the quality, productivity and effectiveness of public services.

Issues in our current research on the provision of public services include:

  • the costs and benefits of health care information services: in particular the effectiveness of electronic prescriptions;
  • freedom of choice and competition in public specialist medical care;
  • how diagnostics based on genomic information affect patient care, wellbeing and cost-effective health care.

VATT has strong expertise in researching municipal and regional finances and in political economics. In recent years extensive analysis has been carried out to support decision-making in areas including the state subsidy system and municipal regulation and obligations.

Issues in our current research on public finance include:

  • the effects of municipal mergers;
  • the effects of transfer tax on the housing market
  • political representation and municipal services: we look at how representation of various population and interest groups affects the policies implemented in municipalities;
  • housing policy and segregation: we examine the effects of the HITAS system:
  • how housing benefit affects housing quality and rents.

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