Kimmo Ollikka

Kimmo Ollikka

Senior Researcher, PhD

Research areas: environment policy instruments auctions emission trading renewable energy subsidies environmental taxes

Ongoing projects: Smart Energy Transition

Tel. +358 295 519 437

Senior Researcher Kimmo Ollikka’s research subjects include environmental regulation and energy and climate policy instruments. Recently Kimmo has studied electricity markets, renewable energy subsidies and innovation and energy taxation. He previously worked at the University of Helsinki and the Finnish Environment Institute.

Kimmo gained his PhD on the use of auction mechanisms in emission trading and as an environmental protection instrument in April 2014.

Selected articles

Iho, A., Ahtiainen, H., Artell, J., Heikinheimo, O., Kauppila, P., Kosenius, A-K., Laukkanen, M., Lindroos, M., Oinonen, S., Ollikka, K., Parkkila, K., Pavlova, Y., Peltonen, H., Pouta, E. and Uusitalo, L. (2017) The Role of Fisheries in Optimal Eutrophication Management. Water Economics and Policy, 3(2): 1650031.

Aatola, P., Ollikka, K., and Ollikainen, M. (2014) Informational efficiency of the EU ETS market – a study of price predictability and profitable trading. Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy 3(1): 92-123.

Lappi, P., Ollikka, K., and Ollikainen, M. (2010) Optimal fuel-mix in CHP plants under a stochastic permit price: Risk-neutrality versus risk-aversion. Energy Policy 38(2): 1079-1086.

Doctoral thesis published in VATT series