Benefits of open publishing

  • Increases the visibility and impact of research
  • Increases possibilities for interaction
  • Increases the likelihood of being cited
  • Improves the quality of research
  • Increases the impact of finance
  • Promotes policy making based on research data

Open publishing

Open access to VATT’s research publications has been a central principle ever since VATT was established. All the research reports in VATT’s publication series are available both on our website and in Doria, the publication archive maintained by the National Library of Finland. Details of peer-reviewed articles are also stored in Doria. Research reports in other organisations’ publication series are also openly available on VATT’s website. Parallel storage of articles in the Doria open publication archive in accordance with the publisher’s conditions also meets financiers’ requirements of open publication of research.

VATT recommends that researchers send their manuscripts to well-known international journals with a dependable evaluation process. The classification of VATT’s scientific publications uses the three-stage classification of the Publication Forum of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies covering all fields of science.

VATT’s research findings are also forwarded to policy makers, civil service working groups and for public debate by producing non-technical overviews and summaries of scientific publications, such as Policy Briefs and blogs.

VATT publications can be found in the Doria publication archive

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