Distribution of wellbeing in Finland in international comparison

Date of project : 2021 - Project ongoing

The project consists of two sub-projects describing the distribution of wellbeing in Finland measured in income, wealth and health, and its evolution over time.

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The first sub-project relates to the research on distributional national accounts (DINA) aiming to provide internationally comparable estimates of the distribution of income and wealth which are consistent with macroeconomic aggregates.

In the second sub-project, as part of the international IFS Deaton Review, we will analyse how inequality, broadly defined, evolves over time. The study focuses in particular on inequalities related to the labour market, looking in more detail at the effects of employment and wages, but also education, gender and household composition. The IFS Deaton review collects data from multiple countries for comparability, allowing us to draw systematic conclusions about the nature of inequality.

The project is part of a larger consortium financed by Academy of Finland “Explaining the distribution of wellbeing: the role of institutions versus market-driven changes”.

The research is funded by: The academy of Finland

Partners: University of Helsinki, Labour Institute for Economic Research, Institute for Fiscal Studies

Responsible researcher: Tuomas Matikka, [email protected], +358 295 519 461

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