Effects of college admission mechanisms on social mobility

Date of project : 2023 - Project ongoing

This research project includes two sub-projects through which we aim to gain a better understanding of the consequences that different college admission systems have on access to higher education for two relevant groups of individuals typically underrepresented in this level of education: individuals from low socioeconomic backgrounds and immigrants.

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The first project in this research proposal aims to understand how the changes introduced to the Finnish college admission system since 2008 have affected the trajectories of students with similar high school academic performances, but different social origins. The second project aims to examine how the role that social networks play in the educational choices of disadvantaged individuals evolves depending on the complexity of the college admission system.

We will focus on two groups of disadvantaged individuals: (1) children from households with low parental education and with little exposure to university; (2) children of immigrant origin. These two groups of individuals are likely to be particularly affected by the frictions that prevent individuals from taking full advantage of their education opportunities, and therefore changes in the application costs and in the complexity of the higher education system have potentially large effects on their education trajectories.

The research is funded by: Yrjö Jahnsson Foundation

Partner: University of Helsinki

Responsible researcher: Tuomas Matikka, [email protected], 0295 519 461

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