Behavioural effects of social security

Date of project : 2020 - 2022

The project examines the effect of social benefits and the rules governing them on persons’ and households’ work-related choices and other behaviour.


The project consists of empirical studies examining 1) the effect of unemployment security and housing allowance as well as their exempt amounts on working and finding employment, 2) the impact on working and consumption of practices related to applying for benefits, income reporting and benefit payments, 3) long-term impacts of the home care allowance on women's employment and earnings, and 4) the effect of compulsory pension contributions on the activities of entrepreneurs and small enterprises. The study is conducted at the Government Institute for Economic Research. The project is carried out in cooperation with leading Finnish and foreign researchers.

Responsible researcher: Tuomas Matikka, [email protected], +358 295 519 461

Tuomas Matikka Academy of FinlandLabour marketsLabour markets and educationSocial securitySocial security, taxation and inequalityTuomas Matikka