The spatial economic impact of infrastructure, housing and land use policies

Date of project : 2021 - Project ongoing

This project will examine the impact of policies related to transport infrastructure, housing and land use on the spatial organization of economic activity.


By analysing how these policies shape the spatial distribution of people and firms, this project aims to determine the consequences for the overall economy both in terms of efficiency and equity. To that end it, the project will examine changes in local population due to migration or the birth rate, changes in the growth and composition of economic activity, the growth of wages and its distribution, the relation between cities and rural communities etc. To do so, the empirical analysis exploits variation in the timing of the implementation and spatial targeting of the policies using detailed, spatially disaggregated data over a long span of time.

Partners: KU Leuven, Radboud University

Responsible researcher: Sander Ramboer, [email protected], +358 259 519 506

Sander Ramboer Housing policyLocal public finance and provision of public servicesSander Ramboer