How do economic recessions affect inequality? Evidence from the COVID-19 crisis and the 1990s Finnish recession

Date of project : 2022 - Project ongoing

This project aims to uncover how economic crises and socioeconomic background interact to determine people's health and socioeconomic lifetime trajectories.


The project is divided into three parts where my goal is to advance our scientific knowledge of: i) how economic crises affect health and socioeconomic trajectories of different groups of students and workers; ii) whether the effectiveness of remedial policies varies across different socioeconomic groups and employers; and iii) what determines differences in lifetime health and socioeconomic trajectories, and whether the impact of these determinants changes with economic shocks.

This project will be implemented at VATT Institute for Economic Research, and is a joint collaboration with several domestic and foreign scholars internationally renown in the fields of labor and health economics and policy evaluation.

The research is funded by: The academy of Finland

Partners: Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research, Aarhus Universitet, Uppsala Universitet, IFAU Uppsala, Aalto University, University of Helsinki

Responsible researcher: Stefano Lombardi, [email protected], +358 295 519 512

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