Cost-effectiveness of joint procurement

Date of project : 2022 - 2023

The aim of the project is to produce and provide decision-makers with new and easy-to-use information on the cost impacts of public procurement. In the context of this project, cost impacts refer to impacts related to both procurement prices and the contracting entity's process costs.


WP1 establishes if the centralisation of procurement brings cost savings in euro amounts in terms of contract prices, and if potential economies of scale can be achieved when larger volumes are put out to tender.

WP2 evaluates the effects that the centralisation of procurement has on the costs and total workload of the procurement process in joint procurements. It additionally maps the links between different tendering procedures and the process costs of the parties to the procurement process.

The project is funded by: The Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities

Partners: Hanken, University of Lapland, Aalto University

Responsible researcher: Janne Tukiainen, [email protected], +358 295 519 451

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