VATT day 2022


Thu 13 October 2022

VATT day is organized on Thu 13 October at the House of the Estates (Säätytalo). This year's theme is housing. Housing policy consists of a broad ensemble of measures which have differing effects on households and the housing market. On VATT day different aspects of housing policy are examined and their impacts and needs for reform are assessed based on current research.


Professor Christian Hilberin (LSE) will give an introduction about restrictions on land use, which prevent the growth of housing supply when prices rise. He will explain how the effects of income development, interest rate changes and policy measures in the housing market depend on local housing production restrictions.

The usefulness of low-income housing subsidies depends on how well they can be targeted to those most in need and how they affect the functioning of the housing market. In her presentation Essi Eerola, who has moved from her position as VATT's research director to the Bank of Finland, will assess the totality of housing subsidies and especially the recent changes made to the Finnish housing subsidy system.

The housing costs of households are also affected by housing taxation which guides housing-related choices. VATT's leading researcher, Teemu Lyytikäinen, examines transfer taxation in his own introduction and evaluates the reform of real estate taxation.

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