VATT day 2022: Housing policy now!

Housing subsidies and changing them. Construction and regulating it. Property tax. Mortgage regulation.

When: Thu 13.10. at 13.00 – 16.15 (Cocktails at 16.30-19.00)
Where: Botta (Museokatu 10, 00100 Helsinki)

Housing is a big issue - we spend tens of billions on housing and it touches everyone of us. The housing market brings authorities, businesses and households together in many different ways - and with varying interests. With the help of research-based knowledge we are able to improve housing policy, make housing markets more fair and improve overall wellbeing.

Housing policy is one of VATT's core research areas and it is the theme of VATT day 2022.




Opening words
Director general Mikael Collan

Impacts of housing regulation (in English)

Hosted by Associate Research Professor Teemu Lyytikäinen

Housing Policy and Housing Affordability: The Role of Supply Constraints
Christian Hilber, Professor of Economic Geography, London School of Economics

City-wide effects of new housing supply
Cristina Bratu, Postdoctoral researcher, Aalto University

The impact of mortgage regulation on home ownership and household leverage
Sander Ramboer, Senior Researcher, VATT

14.35-15.00 Coffee break

15.00 Towards better housing policy (in Finnish)

Hosted by Director of Comunications Ville Pernaa

Revising housing taxation – Focus on property tax
Associate Research Professor, Academy Research Fellow Teemu Lyytikäinen, VATT

Comparing housing subsidies
Process manager Essi Eerola, Bank of Finland

Municipal finance manager Sanna Lehtonen, Kuntaliitto

Senior Researcher Signe Jauhiainen, Kela

Impacts of housing regulation

Keynote speech is given by Professor Christian Hilber (LSE), a leading researcher in the field of housing policy.  In his speech, he will discuss restrictions to land use, which prevent the growth of housing supply when prices increase. He will explain how the effects of income development, interest rate changes and policy measures on the housing market depend on local housing production restrictions.

The keynote speech is followed by two shorter presentations. In the first presentation, Cristina Bratu, who is transferring from Aalto to VATT in October, describes how constructing new housing triggers city-wide moving chains as people moving to new homes vacate their previous abode. In the second presentation, VATT senior researcher Sander Ramboer discusses the impact of mortgage regulation on homeownership and the build-up of household debt.

Towards better housing policy

How we tax housing has a direct impact on households' living expenses and the housing choices they make. In his presentation, Associate Research Professor and Academy Research Fellow Teemu Lyytikäinen provides a comprehensive review of housing taxation and assesses the impacts of the property tax reform, which has been in process for the past ten years.

In her presentation, process manager Essi Eerola (Bank of Finland) discusses the impacts of housing subsidies aimed at low-income households and efficiency of the support system as a whole. The focus of the presentation is on evaluating the impact of recent changes to the Finnish housing subsidy system. Essi Eerola recently transferred from the position of VATT's research leader to the role of process manager at the Monetary Policy and Research department of the Bank of Finland

The presentations by Teemu Lyytikäinen and Essi Eerola will commented by the Municipal finance manager Sanna Lehtonen from Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities (Kuntaliitto) and Senior Researcher Signe Jauhiainen from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela).

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