LUOVA: general upper secondary schools' learning outcomes and their impact

Date of project : 2012 - 2023

The project examines the short-term and long-term impacts of so-called elite general upper secondary schools and differences between the impact made by general upper secondary schools of various types.


Differences in learning outcomes between general upper secondary schools have attracted a great deal of media attention. This project looks at variations in learning outcomes in the light of several separate studies that partly use the same datasets: matriculation examination results from 1990–2015 and data in the joint application register from 1988–2015. In addition, the project draws on Statistics Finland's FOLK data modules as well as data in study and qualification registers.

Partners: Aalto University, Labour Institute for Economic Research Labore

Responsible researcher: Mika Kortelainen, [email protected], +358 295 519 421

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