Deaton Review Country Studies: A Trans-Atlantic Comparison of Inequalities in Incomes and Outcomes over Five Decades

Date of project : 2020 - Project ongoing

The project examines the development of inequality in a broad set of metrics over several decades in North America and Europe.


By applying a consistent research framework to data from different countries, the project provides an exceptionally broad range of comparative research on the long-term evolution of inequality and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the development in different countries in recent years. The project involves 17 research groups from different countries and covers various aspects, including education, labor markets, social benefits, taxation, gender differences, and family structure.

The research is funded by: Academy of Finland

Partner: Institute for Fiscal Studies

Responsible researcher: Tuuli Paukkeri [email protected]

Marja RiiheläTerhi RavaskaTomi KyyräTuuli Paukkeri Academy of FinlandIncome distribution and inequalitySocial security, taxation and inequalityTuuli Paukkeri