Centre of Excellence on Tax Systems Research WP1

Date of project : 2022 - Project ongoing

WP1 of the Centre of Excellence on Tax Systems Research designated by the Academy of Finland for 2022–2029 focuses on the distribution of incomes, wealth and health and its underlying reasons.


Research conducted in WP1 aims to describe incomes, health and wealth and to identify factors that affect them. The individual projects include the Deaton Review and study the impact of collective agreements and their general applicability on income distribution and employment; effects of shocks encountered by companies, such as being taken over by foreign owners, on pay; the impact of parents' socio-economic status on their children's health gradients; passing on of parents’ cognitive and other skills to their offspring in different parts of the skills distribution; and the impact of housing assets on their tax treatment.

Responsible researcher: Tuomas Kosonen, [email protected], +358 295 519 440

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