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Image of Aspasia Bizopoulou

Aspasia Bizopoulou

Senior Researcher, PhD (Econ.), on leave 15.5.-31.12.2024

Image of Elias Einiö

Elias Einiö

Chief Researcher, Research Leader, PhD (Econ.)

Image of Matias Giaccobasso

Matias Giaccobasso

Senior Researcher, Ph.D. (Management/Economics)

Image of Ilpo Kauppinen

Ilpo Kauppinen

Senior Researcher, Dr. oec. publ.

Image of Tuomas Matikka

Tuomas Matikka

Associate Research Professor, Research Leader, PhD

Image of Hanna Pesola

Hanna Pesola

Chief Researcher, Research Leader, PhD (Econ.)

Image of Matti Sarvimäki

Matti Sarvimäki

Associate Research Professor, DSc (PhD)

Image of Maria Sauval

Maria Sauval

Assistant Researcher, MPP, MA (Master of Public Policy, Master in Education)

Image of Juha Tuomala

Juha Tuomala

Senior Researcher, Lic.Soc.Sc.

Image of Jouko Verho

Jouko Verho

Chief Researcher, PhD (Econ.)

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