Essi Eerola appointed VATT Research Director

Dr. Essi Eerola, who specializes in taxation, housing market and housing policy issues, will take up her post on 1 September.

Essi Eerola gained a PhD in political science from the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Helsinki in 2003. Between 2003 and 2008 Eerola was first a post doc researcher at the University of Helsinki, and later a lecturer and adjunct professor at the Department of Economics and Management. Eerola has supervised and examined several doctoral theses in economics.

Eerola has been VATT’s leading economist since 2008. For the past year Eerola has been on leave of absence from this position at the research unit of the Bank of Finland’s Monetary Policy and Research department. She will therefore return to VATT from this advisory role in the autumn.

As Research Director Eerola will head up research activities and strategic research planning at VATT. In practice Eerola will engage with two areas: ensuring the researchers have the tools to do the job, and enhancing VATT’s corporate relations.

“VATT has many outstanding and skilled researchers. I want to direct their resources so that what we do, we do well. It’s also critical that knowledge of our research findings is disseminated in a readily usable format”, Eerola says.

Society urgently requires researched information and research-based analysis. In Eerola’s view, VATT’s natural place in the Finnish economics research field is to act as an independent analyst of research issues relevant to practical policy areas.

With major structural reforms being planned in Finland, this is more than ever the case.

“Our influence as a research organization should also be such that reliable ex-post scientific evaluation of experiments is possible”, Eerola says.

Further information:

Essi Eerola, Advisor, Bank of Finland, +358 10 831 2370
Anni Huhtala, Director General, VATT, +358 295 519 414