30 years of Economics of Education

To celebrate VATT’s 30th anniversary we are publishing a series of texts presenting our core fields of research. The first field to be presented is Education Research.

Education has been a research focus area at VATT throughout our 30-year history. Afterall, it is not only one of the most important factors explaining income differences between individuals and differences in growth rates between nations, but also major public expenditure.

At VATT, we have examined, for example, the benefits of education for an individual, the impact of resources allocated to education and the impact of background factors on educational outcomes. Currently, we are examining the effects of a recent student selection reform in Finland. Future topics include the proposed reform to extend the age limit of compulsory education in Finland and its impacts.

To celebrate 30 years of research at VATT, we created this guide to our research on the economics of education: vatt.fi/en/education-research