Matti Sarvimäki

Matti Sarvimäki

Chief Researcher, DSc (PhD)

Research areas: integration education and training education choices immigration social mobility social exclusion labour markets impact evaluation social experiments

Ongoing projects: Preventing Social Exclusion

Tel. +358 295 519 446

Matti Sarvimäki is chief researcher at the VATT Institute for Economic Research and research fellow at the Department of Economics at Aalto University. He is a labour economist, but also works in other areas of economics and takes part in multidisciplinary research projects. Sarvimäki’s ongoing research includes the economic impact of immigration, social mobility, young people’s educational choices, the labour market impacts of international trade and household choices in the financial markets.  

Sarvimäki gained his doctorate from the Helsinki School of Economics in 2009. He has been a researcher at the London School of Economics and a visiting researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University College London.

Selected articles Selected articles

Jokela, M., Pekkarinen, T., Sarvimäki, M., Terviö, M. and Uusitalo, R. Secular Rise in Economically Valuable Personality Traits. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114(25): 6527-6532.

Knüpfer, S., Rantapuska, E. and Sarvimäki, M. (2017) Formative Experiences and Portfolio Choice: Evidence from the Finnish Great Depression. Journal of Finance, 72(1): 133-166.

Pekkarinen, T., Salvanes, K. and Sarvimäki, M. (2017) The Evolution of Social Mobility: Norway over the 20th Century. Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 119(1): 5-33.

Sarvimäki, M. (2017) Labour Market Integration of Refugees in Finland. Nordic Economic Policy Review, 7(1): 91-114.

Sarvimäki, M. and Hämäläinen, K. (2016) Integrating Immigrants: The Impact of Restructuring Active Labor Market Policies. Journal of Labor Economics, 34(2): 479-508.

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