Expanding access to administrative data: The case of tax authorities in Finland and the UK

Julkaisu: VATT Muistiot 54

Päiväys: 20.3.2018


We discuss typical issues in getting access to and using high-quality administrative tax data and in cooperating with the tax authority, including running field experiments. We reflect on practical solutions to these issues, including aligning the different objectives and reducing information asymmetries between researchers and practitioners, based on our experiences of working with the tax authorities in Finland and the UK. We provide examples of how to improve the overall research environment focusing on two successful case studies: the HMRC Datalab in the UK and the remote access to data from Statistics Finland. We propose two key arguments to persuade policymakers elsewhere to follow similar practices: improved data security and equality of access across researchers.

Tutkimuksen pääteemat: Julkiset palvelut ja paikallinen julkistalous Sosiaaliturva, verotus ja tulonjako Työmarkkinat ja koulutus

ISBN: 978-952-274-214-8 (PDF)