Antti Saastamoinen

Antti Saastamoinen

Senior Researcher, PhD

Research areas: efficiency of public services education finance cost-benefit analysis

Tel. +358 295 519 500

Antti Saastamoinen is a senior researcher at the VATT Institute for Economic Research. He started at VATT in August 2015. Saastamoinen’s research field is the efficiency of public services, such as education and health care. Currently his research is focused on education finance and the cost-effectiveness of new types of genetic engineering technology.

Saastamoinen completed his doctorate on productivity and efficiency analysis at Aalto University in 2014. In his thesis Saastamoinen studied the role of the production environment in efficiency analysis.

Selected articles

Saastamoinen, A., Bjørnbad, E. and Bjørnbad, M. (2017) Specification of merger gains in the Norwegian electricity distribution industry. Energy Policy, 102: 96-107.

Saastamoinen, A. and Kuosmanen, T. (2016) Quality Frontier of Electricity Distribution: Supply Security, Best Practices, and Underground Cabling in Finland. Energy Economics, 53: 282-291.

Saastamoinen, A. (2015) Heteroscedasticity or Production Risk? A Synthetic View. Journal of Economic Surveys, 29(3): 459-478.

Saastamoinen, A. and Kuosmanen, T. (2014) Is Corruption a Grease, Grit, or Gamble? Corruption Increases Variance of Productivity Across Countries. Applied Economics, 46(23): 2833-2849.

Kuosmanen, T., Saastamoinen, A., and Sipiläinen, T. (2013) What is the best practice for benchmark regulation of electricity distribution? Comparison of DEA, SFA and StoNED methods. Energy Policy, 61: 740-750.

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