Evangelos Kyritsis

Evangelos Kyritsis

Senior Researcher, PhD (Econ.)

Research areas: econometrics interfuel substitution energy transition energy policy market integration power system flexibility electricity market design

Ongoing projects: Renewables Intermittency versus Power System (In)Flexibility: New Insights from Tail-Index Estimates Causality in Quantiles and Dynamic Relations in Energy Markets Interfuel Substitution in Emerging Markets International Natural Gas Market Integration and the Role of Shale Gas

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Evangelos Kyritsis is a senior researcher at the VATT Institute for Economic Research. His main research interests include energy economics, environmental and resource economics, macroeconomics, and econometrics. Evangelos’s doctoral dissertation focused on the ongoing transition of energy markets and its challenges. His current research concentrates on the demand and supply of flexibility in the power system, dynamic relations in energy markets, interfuel substitution, and the role of shale gas in the international natural gas market integration.

Evangelos holds a PhD in economics from the Norwegian School of Economics, where he had previously pursued his MSc in energy, natural resource and environmental economics. Evangelos has obtained a MSc in business economics and management from the International Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies and a BA in economic theory and policy from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece. In the course of his studies, he visited the Linnæus University, in Sweden, and the University of Calgary, in Canada, while he has participated in international conferences in Europe and the United States.

Latest refereed articles

Kyritsis, E. and J. Andersson. (2019). Causality in Quantiles and Dynamic Relations in Energy Markets: (De)tails Matter. Energy Policy, 133.

Kyritsis, E. and A. Serletis (2019). Oil Prices and the Renewable Energy Sector. The Energy Journal, 40, 337-363.

Kyritsis, E. and A. Serletis (2018). The Zero Lower Bound and Market Spillovers: Evidence from the G7 and Norway. Research in International Business and Finance, 44, 100-123.

Kyritsis, E., J. Andersson, and A. Serletis (2017). Electricity Prices, Large-Scale Renewable Integration, and Policy Implications. Energy Policy, 101, 550-560.