Kristiina Huttunen is Associate Professor at the Department of Economics at Aalto University and Research Professor at VATT. She specialises in labour economics. Her research covers a broad spectrum of how various economic shocks – such as job loss – effects worker’s careers, and their decisions on whether to have children or to relocate. Other areas of her research include the effects that child home care allowances have on mothers’ careers and children’s development, as well as the impact that entry to post-compulsory education has on a young person’s risk of exclusion and criminality.

Prior to VATT Kristiina was at the Aalto University School of Economics where she worked as an Academy of Finland Research Fellow (since 2014) and as post-doctoral researcher (2011-2014). She has also worked as Senior Researcher at the Labour Institute for Economic Research (2007-2010) and, before that, as Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Economics in Uppsala University (2005-2007).

Kristiina gained her PhD in Economics from the University of Helsinki in 2005. She has been a visiting scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and more recently, a visiting lecturer at the University College London and CReAM. Kristiina is also research fellow in the IZA research network.

Selected articles

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