Essi Eerola

Essi Eerola

Research Director, D.Soc.Sc., on leave until 14.2.2023

Research areas: housing markets housing policy social security taxation

Essi Eerola is responsible for the scientific supervision of VATT’s research and the strategic planning and development of research activities. As the Research Director she has a central role in VATT’s stakeholder relations and in obtaining external research funding.  

Eerola is specialized in taxation, housing markets and housing policy issues and has been VATT’s principal economist since 2008. In 2015–2016 Eerola was on leave of absence from VATT in an advisory role in the research unit of the Bank of Finland’s Monetary Policy and Research department.

Essi Eerola gained her PhD in social science in 2003 from the Department of Economics of the University of Helsinki. From 2003 to 2008 Eerola was first a post doc researcher at the University of Helsinki, and later a lecturer and adjunct professor in the Department of Economics.