VATT Day 3 Oct 2019: Good Nordic tax payers?

Are Nordic tax payers more compliant by nature or is the high rate of tax compliance the result of a seamless tax system? How can we observe tax evasion and avoidance? And, how can we effectively address these issues?

The topic of this year’s VATT Day is research collaboration with tax authorities in the study of tax evasion and avoidance. We have invited specialists from Denmark and Norway to enrich our local debate. You will also hear new results from Finland and expert opinions outside the field of economics.

The first part of the seminar is in English and it will consist of presentations by Professor Claus Thustrup Kreiner (University of Copenhagen) and Professor Guttorm Schjelderup (Norwegian Business School).

The second part of our VATT Day seminar is in Finnish. The second part is opened by Director General Markku Heikura (Finnish Tax Administration) who will talk about research collaboration and the use of experiments. Professor Kaisa Kotakorpi (Tampere University and VATT) will continue the theme by discussing field experiments in the study of tax compliance. She will also present new results on rental income tax compliance in Finland. The presentations will be commented on by University lecturer in tax law, Docent Matti Urpilainen (Tampere University).

You can find the program and more information about the speakers and the presentations on the VATT Day 2019 page.

VATT Day is a by invitation only event and the guest list is already full. Follow the VATT Day conversation on Twitter from 1pm, #VATTday.

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