VATT Day on Oct 25: Early childhood investments - Results from Finland and abroad

Different forms of child care and means of supporting young families have been the subject of lively public debate, especially in Scandinavian countries. What can economic analysis bring to the discussion? What do we know about the importance of early childhood investments based on economic research?

Kuva: lasten leluja

The topic of this year's VATT Day is the impact of early childhood investments on children. We have invited specialists from the United States and Norway to Finland to enrich our local debate. At VATT day, you will also hear new results from Finland and expert opinions outside the field of economics.

The first part of our seminar is in English and it will consist of presentations by Professor Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach (Northwestern University) and Associate Professor Tarjei Havnes (Oslo University).

The second part of our VATT Day seminar is in Finnish. The second part is opened by the Minister of family affairs and social services, Annika Saarikko. Research director Tuomas Kosonen (Labour Institute of Economic Research) and Research professor Kristiina Huttunen (VATT) will then present new results on the effects of child home care allowance. These results will be commented on by Research professor Anna Rotkirch from the Family Federation of Finland.

VATT Day is a by invitation only event and the guest list is already full. Follow the VATT Day conversation on Twitter from 1pm, #VATTday.

You can find the program and more information about the speakers and the presentations on the VATT Day 2018 page.

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