IIPF 2018 gathers leading public finance experts in Tampere, Finland, Aug 21-23

The 74th annual congress of the International Institute of Public Finance (IIPF) is held on August 21-23 in Tampere, Finland. VATT Institute of Economic Research co-hosts the event with the University of Tampere, the Labour Institute for Economic Research and the University of Turku.

Kuva: Visit Tampere Oy / Laura VanzoKuva: Visit Tampere Oy / Laura Vanzo

The congress will bring together 450 researchers from around 40 countries to discuss new research results in public economics. The theme of this year's congress is the impact of public policies on labour markets and income distribution. 

"The IIPF congress is one of the largest and most prestigious annual gatherings of public finance economists and it is a great honour to host this event in Finland", says Kaisa Kotakorpi, Research Professor at VATT and the chair the local organizing committee. 

The four keynote speeches at IIPF 2018 will discuss how taxation, immigration, social security and personality traits impact the labour market. Other conference presentations will address a wide variety of public finance topics including, for example, tax and transfer policy, tax compliance and tax competition, public services and inequality. 

Research at the intersection of public economics and labour economics has traditionally been an active area of research among Nordic public finance economists. Studying the interactions between public finances and the labour market is also clearly important from a practical policy perspective.  

A defining feature of public economics research in Finland, and the Nordic countries in general, is the use of extensive individual-level administrative data. This makes it possible to reliably estimate the impact of different policy choices on individuals and firms.  

"Thanks to strengths of the econometric analysis, Nordic research in public finance is of interest to researchers and policy makers also in countries where the public sector has a much smaller role", says Kaisa Kotakorpi. 

The International Institute of Public Finance (IIPF) has over 700 members in 50 countries. The organization was founded in 1937 with to generate intellectual interchanges among public finance researchers and practitioners. 

IIPF 2018 is sponsored by the Yrjö Johansson Foundation, the Employee’s Foundation, the Bank of Finland, the Ministry of Finance (Finland), the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Nordic Tax Research Council and the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. 

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