Saara Tamminen

Saara Tamminen

Senior Researcher, PhD (Econ.)

Research areas: ex ante impact analyses service trade firm heterogeneity

Tel. +358 295 519 450

Saara Tamminen is a senior researcher at the VATT Institute for Economic Research specializing in international economics. In particular, her research themes include trade in services, heterogeneity of firms and competitiveness, trade policy, general equilibrium modelling and ex-ante impact analyses. Tamminen is currently researching trade in services and energy taxation. She has been at VATT since 2011 and she holds a PhD from the University of Utrecht.

Selected articles Selected articles

Tamminen, S. (2016) Regional effects or none? Firms’ profitability during the Great Recession in Finland. Papers in Regional Science, 96(1): 33-59.

Tamminen, S. (2014) Heteregeneous firms, mark-ups and income inequality. Tjalling C. Koopmans Dissertation Series, USE 023, ISBN 978-94-91870-09-5, Utrecht University. (PhD dissertation)

Tamminen, S. and Chang, H-H. (2013) Firm and sectoral heterogeneity in mark-up variability. Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, 22(1): 140-159.

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