Tuukka Saarimaa

Tuukka Saarimaa

Chief Researcher, PhD (Econ.)

Research areas: housing markets urban economics municipal finances political economics


Tel. +358 295 519 444

Tuukka Saarimaa’s research focuses on housing markets and local public finance. Saarimaa’s current research is on housing production, municipal mergers and how municipal politics affects the functioning of municipalities. His PhD thesis (2009) was on the taxation of owner-occupied housing.

Before coming to VATT Saarimaa worked at the University of Eastern Finland. He has also been a visiting researcher at Tufts University and the London School of Economics.

Selected articles Selected articles

Hyytinen, A., Meriläinen, J., Saarimaa, T., Toivanen, O. and Tukiainen, J. When Does Regression Discontinuity Design Work? Evidence from Random Election Outcomes. Conditionally accepted, Quantitative Economics.

Hyytinen, A., Meriläinen, J., Saarimaa, T., Toivanen, O. and Tukiainen, J. Public Employees as Politicians: Evidence from Close Elections. Accepted for publication, American Political Science Review.

Saarimaa, T. and Tukiainen, J. (2016) Local Representation and Strategic Voting: Evidence from Electoral Boundary Reforms. European Journal of Political Economy  41: 31-45.

Saarimaa, T. and Tukiainen, J. (2015) Common Pool Problems in Voluntary Municipal Mergers. European Journal of Political Economy 38: 140-152. 

Kortelainen, M. and Saarimaa, T. (2015) Do Urban Neighborhoods Benefit from Homeowners? Evidence from Housing Prices. Scandinavian Journal of Economics 117(1): 28-56.

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