Katariina Nilsson Hakkala

Katariina Nilsson Hakkala

Senior Researcher, PhD

Research areas: foreign direct investment technological develoment labour markets foreign trade

Ongoing projects: The long-term effects of import competition and offshoring on individuals Services trade and employment in heterogeneous firms Firm-level responses to Chinese competition on export markets Knowledge spillovers, multinationals and start-ups


Tel. +358 295 519 434

Katariina Nilsson Hakkala is an adjunct professor at Aalto University and a senior researcher in the Business regulation and international economics research area. Her principal research theme concerns the effects of foreign trade, direct investments and competition on employees and firms. Katariina heads the four-year research project “The effects of international trade and economic integration on individuals and firms” (2015-2019) funded by the Academy of Finland.

Katariina teaches international economics at Aalto University and supervises and examines Master’s and PhD theses. She gained her PhD in economics from the Stockholm School of Economics in 2003, and has since been a researcher at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) in Stockholm, and since 2008 at VATT. She has been a regular visiting researcher at the University of Copenhagen (summers of 2013-2016), and has also been a visiting researcher at Hanken School of Economics and Lund University.

Selected articles Selected articles

Nilsson Hakkala, K., Heyman, F. and Sjöholm, F. (2014) Multinational Firms and Job Tasks. European Economic Review, Vol. 66: 248-265.

Bertrand, O., Nilsson Hakkala, K., Norbäck, P-J. and Persson, L. (2012) Should Countries Block Foreign Takeovers of R&D Champions and Promote Greenfield Entry? Canadian Journal of Economics, Vol. 45(3).

Nilsson Hakkala, K., Heyman, F. and Sjöholm, F. (2010) Cross-Border Acquisitions, Multinationals and Wage Elasticities. IFN Working Paper 709, Research Institute for Industrial Economics (IFN), 2007. Review of World Economics /Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv, 146:263-280, 2010.

Nilsson Hakkala, K., Norbäck, P-J. and Svaleryd, H. (2008) Asymmetric Effects of Corruption on FDI: Evidence from Swedish Firms. Working Paper 641, Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Review of Economics and Statistics, 90(4): 627-642. 

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