Markus Jäntti

Markus Jäntti

Professor (VATT and University of Helsinki), PhD

Research areas: poverty social mobility income differences income mobility

Tel. +358 294 128 723

Markus Jäntti is a joint professor of public economics at VATT and the University of Helsinki. His research subjects include economic inequality, poverty and economic mobility. In his work Markus has used internationally comparative data, his particular interest being in the importance of family background in matters related to income distribution.

Prior to VATT Markus Jäntti was a professor of economics at the University of Stockholm (2009-2015), at Åbo Akademi University (2003-2009) and the University of Tampere (2000-2003). He has also been a scientific administrator at Statistics Finland, a visiting researcher and professor at the University of Michigan, and a researcher at the Academy of Finland, Åbo Akademi University and the Labour Institute for Economic Research.

Selected articles Selected articles

Jäntti, M., Sierminska, E. and Van Kerm, P. (2015) “Modelling the joint distribution of income and wealth” in: Research on Economic Inequality. Ed. by Thesia I Garner and Kathleen Short. Vol. 23. Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Jäntti, M., Pirttilä, J. and Selin, H. (2015a) Estimating labour supply elasticities based on cross-country micro data: A bridge between micro and macro estimates? Journal of Public Economics 127: 87–99.

Jäntti, M., Kanbur, R., Nyyssölä, M. and Pirttilä, J. (2014) Poverty and Welfare Measurement on the Basis of Prospect Theory. Review of Income and Wealth 60(1): 182–205.

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Björklund, A. and Jäntti, M. (2012) How important is family background for labour-economic outcomes? Labour Economics 19(4): 465–474.